Step 2: Top up your balance

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See the instructions below or watch a short video explainer

If you’ve logged in with MetaMask, you can skip this section: simply make sure you have enough USDT on Polygon to make a purchase on Binaryx Marketplace.

If you’ve logged in via email or Google account, click “Wallet” in the menu once you finish the identity check. This is a cryptocurrency wallet that we’ve automatically created for you. You will see two cryptocurrencies – MATIC and USDT:

The property ownership rights on Binaryx are represented in the form of digital tokens. The tokens have a fixed value of $50 each. To purchase real estate tokens, you will need two cryptocurrencies – USDT and MATIC:

USDT is a cryptocurrency that you need to buy real estate tokens. Its value is equal to US Dollars: for example, 50 USDT = 50 USD.

MATIC is a cryptocurrency that you will pay to the blockchain as a fee for your transaction. We’ve already sent some MATIC to your wallet, so you don’t have to replenish the MATIC balance.

Now, top up your balance with USDT to buy real estate tokens. First, find out your Binaryx wallet address: click the “Receive” button. You need to send USDT to this address from another crypto wallet. You can do it in 3 ways:

  • If you already have cryptocurrency on another crypto wallet or a crypto exchange, send some USDT to your address on Binaryx. When you set up the transaction, specify that USDT is based on the Polygon blockchain.
  • If you have a crypto wallet or exchange but don’t have any crypto in it, you can buy some USDT right there with your credit/debit card. Then, send it to your Binaryx Wallet.
  • If you haven’t used any crypto platforms before, we recommend that you buy USDT on a popular cryptocurrency exchange – for example, Bybit.

How to buy USDT in Bybit

We offer this option to those investors who haven’t used any crypto wallet or exchange so far. This is not the quickest path, but in just about 2 weeks, we will launch our own built-in tool for buying USDT. Everyone will be able to buy crypto without leaving Binaryx and passing extra identity checks.

1. Register at Bybit using your email, mobile phone, or Google account.

2. Pass a quick identity verification. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to buy crypto anywhere without an ID check – this is a common anti-money laundering policy. The Bybit check is powered by the same provider as in Binaryx, so the process will look already familiar to you and should take just about 2 minutes.

3. Use the One-Click Buy feature to purchase USDT for any national currency with your bank card. Buy ~5% more than you want to invest in real estate because there is a USDT purchase fee and a withdrawal fee ($0.3).

Now, all you need to do is withdraw crypto from your Bybit account to your Binaryx Wallet:

1. Go to your Binaryx Wallet and click “Receive”. Copy your wallet address.

2. Return to Bybit. In the Assets Overview section, click “Withdraw”.

3. Choose USDT, paste your Binaryx Wallet address, and select MATIC in the “Chain Type” field. Set the sum and click “Submit”.

This is it! In a few moments, your USDT balance in Binaryx Wallet will be replenished.

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