Exit strategies

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Based on this, investors can choose one of the exit strategies:

1. Sell their tokens at the market price and exit the investment. With this strategy, the object will be sold on the Binaryx marketplace as a ready-to-rent object that generates passive income.

2. Convert your tokens into tokens of the ready-to-rent property and earn rental income.

The property is offered for sale on the Binaryx marketplace at the market price as a ready-to-rent property. While the object is being sold, it is rented out and generates income for its investors. At the end of the sale, the income from the sale is distributed among the investors in proportion to the amount invested (share in a property).

Example: 200 people invested in an object during the construction phase. After the completion of construction, 30% of them decided to receive rental income and 70% decided to sell their shares at market price and exit the investment.

In this case 30% of tokens will be converted into tokens of the built object and transferred to the balance sheets of the owners. The remaining 70% of the tokens of the object will also be converted into tokens of the built object, but they will be sold on the marketplace at the market price. After the sale is completed, investors receive their income from the sold object in USDT in their personal account. While the tokens are sold on the Binaryx marketplace - all investors receive income from the rent of the property.

Investment period

On Binaryx Platform, you can invest in properties that are under construction or in properties that are on the down payment collection stage.

The investment period ranges from a few weeks (if you invest shortly before the construction is completed) to 2 years (if you participate in the down payment collection when the construction of the property has not yet begun or just started).

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