Example of income calculation

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When construction is completed and the property is sold, the income is distributed among investors in proportion to their investment amount. The returns from a token are calculated based on the price at which the property will be sold. This price is pre-determined and specified in the contract with the construction company.

Example: The property will be sold for $450,000. The total number of tokens of the property is 10,000. At the end of the sale, investors will receive $45 for each token, regardless of when the investment was made.

Example of returns calculation: Alice bought 30 tokens for $1000. The average price of a token was $33.3. After the property was sold, the token price increased to $45. The total value of Alice's tokens will be $45 * 30 = $1350, with a net profit of $350. The return on investment (ROI) in this case will be (1350-350)/1000 = 35%.

Returns for each investor will be individual: they will depend on the time of investment and the number of fractions purchased. You can calculate profitability indicators (ROI and APR) in the calculator on the property page before the purchase. After the purchase, you will see the yield of your tokens in your personal cabinet.

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